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Anil Chawla, Senior Partner

Bachelor of Technology (Mech. Eng.) from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Master of Laws (Corporate & Commercial Law)

Bachelor of Laws, IP

Author of many articles and books. Public Speaker.

Yogita Pant, Partner

Bachelor of Arts (Management)

Master of Personnel Management

Master of Laws (Corporate & Commercial Law)

Bachelor of Laws, IP


  • Led by an entrepreneur-advocate-engineer who is also an Insolvency Professional.
  • Problem solving analytical innovative business-friendly approach with quick response.
  • Integrated view based on technology, finance, markets, personnel, management and of course, law.
  • Expertise in the field of international private and public law including treaties.
  • High ethical standards.
  • Focus on avoiding litigation.
  • Experience of serving clients across the globe.

Areas of Work

  • Agreements and Negotiations - Collaboration, Merger, Acquisition, Joint Venture, Technology Transfer, Licensing, Shareholders Agreement.
  • International Business - Assistance to international companies coming to India or to Indian companies doing business outside India.
  • Insolvency Resolution - Helping enterprises emerge healthy out of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.
  • Research And Opinions - Legal research to help businesses take strategic decisions.
  • Strategic Advice, Initiatives and Interventions - We take entrepreneur's perspective to create a strategy that is cost-effective and helps business grow.
  • Dispute Resolution - Resolving disputes either amicably or through arbitration or through litigation (if it becomes unavoidable).


Global Business

Guide for Foreign Nationals Wanting to Do Business in India
Useful for foreign citizens and companies as well as for NRIs wanting to set up a business in India either on their own or in collaboration with some Indian person. Completely revised incorporating changes introduced in FDI Policy and Company Law.
Guide for Creating a Global Structure Using Holding Company
Indian entrepreneurs are looking at the whole world as their market. Their global aspirations need to be matched up by suitable business structures. This Guide elaborates a Global Structure suitable for servicing world markets. It discusses setting up companies in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Luxembourg, Ireland, Estonia and Slovenia.
Guide for Indian Residents Wanting to Do Business Abroad - Indian Regulations
Useful for Indian entrepreneurs who wish to explore the global skies and set up a business abroad either as a Wholly Owned One or in collaboration with some Foreign person or as an overseas office.
Guide to Place of Effective Management Rules for Foreign Companies Owned by Indian Entrepreneurs
This presentation is intended to help Indian entrepreneurs owning and managing companies in foreign countries. Under POEM rules of Indian Income Tax foreign companies are liable to tax in India if their place of effective management is in India. This Guide is intended to help Indian entrepreneurs deal with POEM Rules.
Guide to Joint Ventures in India - Options, Regulations and Restrictions for Foreign Companies
This mini-book throws light on the options available to foreign companies when entering into joint ventures in India. It examines the various options with reference to different needs of foreign companies. It also gives in brief the sector-wise restrictions imposed by Government of India in relation to foreign direct investment. It has a special section about formation of joint ventures for participating in government tenders. The Seventh Edition takes into account the changes introduced by FDI Policy dated 15 October 2020 and all Press Notes issued till April 2021.

International Arbitration

Guide for Arbitration Clause in International Agreements in India
This Guide is useful for companies planning to develop international relationships. It gives an overview of arbitration clause that is an essential part of all international commercial agreements. It also gives an estimate of the costs involved under various options of international arbitration. The last chapter is about pre-arbitration clause which can help one avoid arbitration and associated legal costs.
Guide for Foreign Investors Wanting to Seek Relief under Their Country's Investment Treaty with Republic of India
This comprehensive Guide is useful for foreign companies who have invested either in an Indian company or in an Indian venture and are facing trouble due to some action by either Government of India or by any state government or by any other government body. The Guide includes Frequently Asked Questions, Selected Sample Cases and details of key persons involved in international investment arbitration.
Guide for Indians Wanting to Seek Relief under India's Investment Treaty with a Foreign Country
This comprehensive Guide is useful for Indians (including Non-Resident Indians) who have invested either in a foreign company or in a foreign venture and are facing trouble due to some action by either Government of that country or by any provincial government or by any other government body.The Guide includes Frequently Asked Questions, Selected Sample Cases and details of key persons involved in international investment arbitration.
Key Concepts in International Investment Arbitration Download the Presentation in .pptx format
This presentation discusses some key concepts related to international investment arbitration. It relies on decisions by various tribunals for simplifying some complex issues.

Corporate / Business Laws

A Quick Guide to Action on Bouncing of Cheque
Bouncing of a cheque invites criminal prosecution under section 138 of The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 in India. This Guide is meant to help entrepreneurs and small businesses cope with the problems that they often face when a cheque bounces. It gives the legal provisions in common man's language. Please read our long article on Decriminalization of Doing Business in India - Cheque Bouncing

Intellectual Property Rights

Issues Related to Third Party Service and Maintenance of a Machine Covered by Manufacturer's IPRs
This booklet clears the legal position with regard to servicing of a machine by party other than the manufacturer.

Laws for Individuals

Guide to Wills for Hindus
This Guide is intended to help every Hindu whether living in India or outside India to prepare a Will. While the primary focus is on Indian law, it also takes into account essentials of international private law. Written in simple language free of legalese, it gives an overview of Wills for an educated Hindu without any legal knowledge.
Legal Status of Foreign Decree of Divorce for Hindu Couple Married in India
First generation migrants from India marry in India but find it convenient to get divorced in the foreign land where they are settled. This article examines the validity of such a divorce in the eyes of Indian law. A Postscript gives a brief note about Custody of Children caught up in such family disputes that run across borders.


How to Avoid Litigation in Business Relationships in India Download Presentation in .pptx format
Litigation in India is a time-consuming and expensive process. Yet, lawyers in India rarely advise their clients about avoiding courts and judicial processes. Litigation Avoidance is a comprehensive process that begins even before a business relationship starts. This Guide is for Entrepreneurs, Business Persons, Directors and Chief Executive Officers.
Ethics Adds Value to Business Click here to download the Presentation in .pptx format.
This presentation discusses the elements of ethics that can add value to a business and make it successful in the long run.

Research Articles

Year 2024

Independent Director in Cheque Bouncing Case
An article to help independent directors who face prosecution in a cheque bouncing case.
Importance of Specifying Seat of Arbitration in Arbitration Clause in International Agreements
A research paper about specifying seat of arbitration in international agreements.
Interpretation of India’s Investment Treaties With Foreign Countries
A research paper about rules related to interpretation of investment treaties.
Evolution of Protection of Foreign Investors in Independent India
A research paper about the way India's attitude to foreign investors and investment has changed from 1947 to present.
Advisability of Specifying Arbitrator Fees in Arbitration Clause
A research paper about the advantages of specifying and fixing up fees payable to arbitrators in arbitration agreements.
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